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Sickle Cell Disease

Sickle Cell Disease has been around for over 100 years since it was first identified in an American lab. However, the situation in the African setting, this condition is still considered a burden of disease to many. The formation of African Sickle Cell Alliance creates an opportunity for African Nations to sit together and negotiate for better health seeking habits and work with Governments to provide proper infrastructure in management of sickle cell disease across Africa, giving hope to the African population to Diagnose, Educate, Manage and also Treat Sickle Cell Disease.


Africa Sickle Cell Alliance was founded as a result of the Amplify Sickle Cell Voices International Inc Series organised by Australian Sickle Cell Advocacy Inc. An initiative which started as a result of people coming from different parts of the world to discuss issues affecting the sickle cell community.

Who we are? 

Africa Sickle Cell Alliance is a group of African Sickle Cell Organisations representing patients, caregivers and all stakeholders advancing the rights of those affected by sickle cell disease. It is an umbrella organisation representing all organisations in Africa with currently over 25 African Countries as members. This Alliance consists of both the Anglophone and Francophone speaking Countries. Africa Sickle Cell Alliance is tasked with the responsibility of advocacy, research and development of sickle cell, public education and awareness of sickle cell, social and family support of people living with sickle cell and partnerships with public and private sectors in the development of sickle cell treatment, care, and policies in Africa.


INTEGRITY. Know and do what is right.

RESPECT. Treating others the way you want to be treated.

RESPONSIBILITY. Embrace opportunities to contribute.

SERVANT LEADERSHIP. Serve the common good.

ACCOUNTABILITY. Take responsibility for the organisation outcomes.

Our Vision

For everyone living with sickle cell disease in Africa to have seamless integration service opportunity and access to healthcare.

Our Mission

To be the leading organization enhancing the lives of people affected by sickle cell disease in Africa.


Africa Sickle Cell Alliance is bringing all Sickle Cell Organizations/Association, Advocates, Caregivers and Patients in Africa under one platform to speak, act and implement all ideas that are geared towards improving the lives of all sickle cell patients and their caregivers under a unified body that can make a difference. We are doing this by:

  • Establishment of a single body that will represent all Sickle Cell Organisations/Association in Africa globally in any platforms.
  • To have unified policies and laws that would be spread across the continent in order help protect the lives and safeguard the rights of all Sickle Cell patients within the continent.
  • Enhance sickle cell advocacy among all member countries
  • Enhance the participation of sickle cell research and development by patients and all relevant stakeholders
  • Increase education and awareness in different member countries
  • Support sickle cell organizations supporting patients and families affected by sickle cell disease in all member countries
  • Enhance partnerships with the public and private sectors across all member countries
  • Advocate for improved services in terms of medications and other therapies for the good quality of life for people living with sickle cell disease.



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